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Who We Are

We are people who love to invent and make creative products and ideas which help us and people in daily life.

Hand Made Keychain Story

We love to go outside to refresh and enjoy the weather. We always wanted to have a neat and unique keychain that is made special like nothing else ever. As we love listening to birds to make ourselves free from anxiety and stress, we came to this idea for making this type of keychain that looks like a bird and matches our requirements of creatively and unique design.

Vacuum Cleaner Story

We work most of the time at the computer. We always wanted to have a small vacuum cleaner that cleans our tables fast and without the need to plug the huge vacuum cleaner into the wall outlet or have a punch of tissues to clean the tables when we need to. We found this simple yet impressive idea and implemented it in real life, it helped us clean the tables 3x the times than before, and most importantly it saved us a lot of time.

Our Mission

Our mission is really simple, to show you our products that helped us a lot and let you have the benefits too.

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